Cresyn C415E White Earphones


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Product Description

Cresyn C415E White Earphones

With the latest addition to the AXE-Series, Cresyn’s C415E headphones with their eye catching design, high-quality materials and authentic sound reproduction have set a new precedent.

Newly developed large 14.3mm dynamic speakers create powerful, sonic-sounding headphones unlike any other in its price range and deliver exquisite genuine bass. These large 14.3mm dynamic drivers overcome the problem of poor sound quality, a major weakness of conventional headphones that use small dynamic speakers.

The C415E headphones apply a new half in-ear design that provides total comfort even with extended hours of listening and provide a stable fit even while you are exercising. In all genres of music, whether it be pop, rock, jazz, or classical, the combination of large 14.3mm dynamic speakers and new half in-ear design create a perfect harmony.

C415E headphones have superior sound isolation by including four different size silicone ear pieces. It also comes with a handy carrying case to keep them safe and in pristine condition.
The powerful big 14.3mm driver and unique half-in ear structure deliver unprecedented audio performance, with a powerful bass response.
Cresyn’s unique half in-ear type design provides a sophisticated sound of the best quality without the usual discomfort that occurs with in ear headphones over a long period of time.
The ergonomic design of the C415E from Cresyn provides a comfortable fit to enjoy your music for a long period of time.
There are 4 sizes of ear tips to give the perfect fit to a huge range of different ear shapes including those with tiny ears!
Including ‘Carrying pouch’ to carry and protect the earphones and store your accessories.


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