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Using technology from the range-topping T1, the Beyerdynamic T90 headphones offer superb sound quality and comfort in their class.TESLA TECHNOLOGYAt the heart of these headphones you’ll find Tesla technology. The Tesla name comes from the unit used to measure magnetic flux density. The magnetic field within the T90′s transducers’ is around twice the strength of other headphones. Boasting a figure of around 1.2 Tesla, as opposed to 0.65, changes can be made to other aspects of the headphones for superior sound quality. The main advantage of this powerful magnetic field is that it allows for the use of smaller, lighter voice coils. This in turn promotes superb efficiency and speed of movement. How does this sound? Well, suffice to say, the Beyerdynamic T90 headphones are amongst the most accurate, transparent and detailed headphones within their class. If you value the absolute truth in sound above exaggerated bass or treble then these are the headphones for you.SUPREME COMFORTAs befits a headphone of this quality, long term listening comfort is first-rate. Large micro fibre velour earpads and a broad headband offer a contact that’s not just soft but, unlike leather and leatherette free from the potential to stick to your skin. The pads also pivot, offering even pressure around your ears. Finally, the single-sided headphone cable also enhances comfort by not crossing across your neck when used with a source placed to one side of you.PRECISION BUILD QUALITYBuilt in Germany, the T90s are every bit as well built as you could hope for. The metal earcup supports are typical of the attention to detail and fine construction quality used throughout these exceptional headphones.Beautifully made and even better sounding, the Beyerdynamic T90s are headphones are amongst the most covetable in their class.2 year limited guarantee included.
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